Why Purchase Event Liability Insurance

Hosting an Event? Here’s why you should purchase Event Liability Insurance

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Why Purchase Event Liability Insurance
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The big day is approaching! Whether it be your special wedding day with all of your friends and family attending, or a 30th birthday bash for the ages; you envision your event running smoothly. However, this isn’t always the case and it’s best to be prepared with an insurance policy to protect yourself from legal responsibility should there be a problem at your event. This is especially important when it comes to liquor liability which we’ll address in more detail in the article below.

What are some things that can go wront at an event?

As an event host or organizer, you can be held responsible for your guests well-being at your event, even if you have rented a third-party event space for the day. The event venue’s insurance does not cover the event host’s (your) liability in the event of a third-party property damage or bodily injury occurence. Here are a few examples of things that can go wrong:

  • An attendee slips and falls on the dance floor due to a drink spill
  • The unthinkable happens resulting from alcohol impairment
  • Someone at your event causes damage to the rented venue space


These are examples we can ensure you’re covered for with our event insurance package. We’ll go into some coverage specifics next.

What coverages are included in Event Liability Insurance?

Our Event Insurance package includes coverage for various things that may go wrong at an event. Here’s an outline of the main coverage types as well as what they mean:

General Liability – This covers the Commercial General Liability of you and any volunteers assisting with your event from potential property damage and / or bodily injury claims. Common limits of $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 are available depending on your request and the requirements of your selected rental venue.

Host Liquor Liability – Similar to the coverage above; however, specific to alcohol related exposures. This is definitely an important one to have if there is liquor being served at your event. It’s also important to note that alcohol must be served by a “Serving It Right” licensed bartender. If the venue your renting is providing the bartenders this should always be the case.

Tenants Legal Liability – Third party property damage is covered by our General Liability coverage, but how about if you or one of your event attendees causes damage to the rental space by accident. This could be quite costly and we include this in our Event Liability package as you can be held financially responsible for this kind of loss from the venue you’re renting.

Liquor Liability

Get insurance for your event and just enjoy the day!

As we’ve outlined above, you can see that it’s important to cover off your liability on your big day. Event venues that rent their space are also aware of how important this coverage is and we partner with many of them to ensure their clients are covered for the events they’re having.

If you have any questions about event liability or would like to discuss coverages, don’t hesitate to contact Netsurance Canada or check out our Event Insurance page for more information. You can even get an instant quote and bind your policy online depending on event specifics. Some of our partner venues include: River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC, and Science World (Telus World of Science) in Vancouver.

If you own an event venue and are looking to become a Netsurance partner with preferred rates and a custom venue event liability page, Contact Us!

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