Gas Contractor Bond

A Gas Contractor Bond is what is typically required by provincial Safety Authorities in order to hold a mechanical contracting license. An original Surety Bond in the amount of $10,000 bearing the insurer’s signature and seal is the most common requirement for your license. Complete our online application and we’ll instantly determine if you are eligible and enable you to purchase the bond online.

Gas Contractors License Bond

What is a Gas Contractor Bond?

A Gas Contractor License Bond is a three party security agreement stating that you and/or your company is backed by a Surety Рguaranteeing compliance with the Safety Standards Act to a provincial Safety Authority (Obligee) as outlined here (example for BC).

Why do I need a Gas Contractor Bond?

If you intend to be hired by others to perform gas work, you must be licensed by the Safety Authority of the province in which the work is to be done. A Gas Contractor License Bond is the documentation you need to have your project underway. An original Surety Bond in the amount of $10,000 bearing the insurer’s signature and seal is a common requirement and this is what you will receive upon approval of your application for this bond.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this bond can vary depending on the amount of the bond, duration of the bond, and other applicant specific information. As your insurance and bond broker, we will always strive to get you the best deal on your requested product. A Gas Contractor Bond can be offered by Netsurance for as low as $150 annually (or $350 for 3 year term) pending the underwriting details mentioned above.

Please note that completing our application for this bond does not cost anything or require you to proceed with the bond once a quote is provided – customer service is our first priority.