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Interpretations & Review

The information and materials provided in the Site are intended for general reference only, and may not describe all of the terms, conditions, and exceptions applicable to Netsurance’s products and services. All coverages are subject to the terms and conditions of the specific policy issued. Coverages and their availability may vary by province and your individual circumstances. The products and services offered in the Site are only available in the jurisdictions in which Netsurance is properly licensed.

Correcting of Information

As a policyholder, you can always review and update your information through the site or by giving us a call at 1 (800) 614-5230. All clients have the right to know the personal information that Netsurance has about them, to make changes to that information, and to know the identity of any entity that Netsurance has disclosed that information to. To make such an inquiry, please call us or write to the address listed below and identify the information you would like. You will be required to provide certain personal information for identity verification purposes. If your information is immediately accessible when you call, we will review it with you and you may make changes to it at that time. If your information is not immediately accessible when you contact us, Netsurance will contact you as soon as possible. Netsurance may charge a fee for providing a copy by mail.

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The Netsurance website contains links to our business partners and links to other sites offering valuable information. If you choose to provide any personal information directly to any of these entities, the collection and disclosure of your personal information by that entity will be governed solely by that entity’s privacy policy. Netsurance makes no representations or warranties regarding these sites. Please use the information provided on externally linked sites with discretion.

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Cancellation Policy

Any changes or cancellations made after policy issuance will be subject to a fee at the companies discretion. Please make sure to include all information on your original proposal to avoid changes. Cancellations must be made prior to commencement of policy term for no charge to apply. Proof that an event has been cancelled or that other insurance has been secured may be required in order to proceed with a policy cancellation. Automated quote & bind policies are typically not subject to cancellation (depending on Underwriter). Cancellations after an event date or policy expiry are not possible and no refund will be made.