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The way insurance & bonding transactions have been handled has remained unchanged throughout the majority of the last century, until modern communication technologies saw drastic improvements in the recent past. At Netsurance Canada, we are committed to partnering with insurance markets that are conforming to the trend of technology and advancement in the digital sector.

We understand that people are busy, and traveling to a local insurance business to provide a signature or to process payment is not the way you want to spend time. We’ve compiled a few of our core company goals below for you to better understand our development direction.

Our Company Goals


Provide Quality Coverage with Competitive Pricing

We're insurance brokers, not agents! This means we represent many insurers rather than just one; which in turn enables you to get the insurance you need at an affordable price.


Modernize the Application and Quotation Process

Your time is valuable. We've developed, and continue to push, modernization in the insurance & surety industry with online applications, quotes, and even electronic signatures from digital devices.


Offer Professional Expertise to Niche Markets

Netsurance has extensive product offerings and package policies. We offer competent educational information, as well as personal advice to clients for unique risks with digital solutions.

A Brief History of Insurance

Insurance is all about “risk sharing”. Since the earliest of times, humanity has demonstrated a willingness to pool their resources to help others in times of need. Insurance is the formalization of the basic principle of risk sharing into an organized fashion.

Historical documents suggest that as early as 5000 BCE, Chinese boat operators found it necessary to redistribute their cargoes to several boats as they approached treacherous rapids on the rivers. If one boat was lost, all of the boat owners shared the loss and no one was completely wiped out. As overseas shipments increased between nations, merchants found it impractical to deal with exposures in such an informal way. As a result, the insurance industry was born.

With globalization and modern technology working its way into every industry on the globe, we aim to standardize the online insurance & surety market in Canada by utilizing a digital interface.

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What Our Clients Say

5 Star Rating
Edrice F.
Edrice F.
CE Plumbing & Heating
I thought getting business insurance online would be a lot more difficult than it actually was. Netsurance made it very easy and user friendly to get it all done online. Had a great experience!
Shant S.
Shant S.
BayRoot Landscaping
Finally! A website that simplifies buying insurance. Quick, easy and straight to the point. I continuously highly recommend netsurance.ca to all my business partners and friends alike. Thank you.
Marie L.
Marie L.
Event Insurance
Got my event liability insurance through Netsurance. Was very easy and the best price I could find. I also didn't need to worry about policy specifics thanks to their unique venue pages.
Mani A.
Mani A.
MGA Detailing
Purchased business insurance through the online application process. Would recommend to anybody starting their own business that needs a simple solution for the companies insurance requirements.
Kasra I.
Kasra I.
Event Insurance
Got our event insurance for a birthday party through their custom venue platform online. Cheapest price and could even do it off my phone.