Renters Insurance Application

By submitting the information above, I/we hereby declare that the answers and declarations made, whether in my own hand or not, are true and that I/we warrant that no material fact has been withheld or misstated and agree that this application will form part of the policy and will form the basis of the contract with Underwriters. I/we understand that the Underwriters may declare any policy issued void in the event of any false statement, misrepresentation, omission or concealment whether made intentionally, innocently or accidentally.

Reliable Underwriting

Established in 1839, 28 years before Confederation, Gore Mutual is Canada’s oldest property and casualty insurance company. The founding members of the organization could never have envisioned that over 175 years later, the company would continue to deliver strong innovative products and solutions to clients through modern channels such as digital smart devices and the internet.

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